Ambient Korg Monologue & Tape Looped Guitar

Experimenting with new recording flows and processes

Pulled together this sketch really quickly using a bit more experimental recording process –  I grabbed a line out of my EHX looper before it got into the amp – recorded this to Cassette and then dumped the playback from the cassette to the DAW for post processing. The main guitar (Which sounds like a piano somehow?) on this is recording was tracked through this process. The rest of the sounds are straight through the amp / normal signal chain.

I think this turned out really cool and I love the synth tone. Really wish this was longer now. Will work on a longer version using this technique in the near future.

Gear Used: 
– Tape Recorder
– EHX Looper (fed into cassette)
– Korg Monologue
– Paul Reed Smith // Swamp Ash Special
– Probably some pedals, definitely a Danelectro Reel Echo, probably a Count to Five.

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