Behringer Launches Free Music Tribe

File under: why? Behringer is attempting to create a free music gear marketplace.

Industry News February 4, 2020

I really try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but this one is baffling me. For some reason Behringer's parent company "Music Tribe" has released a website competitor for Reverb called "Free Music Tribe"

Obviously I am rather biased towards as they at least indirectly support this site with affiliate links, but before I even started the site I was using Reverb quite consistently. They’ve got a great service with a really clean, simple to use interface and a ton of products listed. Perhaps somewhat ironically for a company like Behringer, they have released what seems to be an almost identical clone without any of the polish or detail that Reverb has.

I’m not usually one to completely dismiss an idea but this one is pretty clearly not all the way thought through. The site launched earlier this week, in the year 2020 doesn’t appear to be optimized for any mobile interactivity. It boasts a “coming soon” link to download the app (with links to the app store for iOS and Android?) and seems to center around the business model of not taking any fees for selling items.

The “no fees” line seems interesting, but I’m curious how this business model will sustain itself, fees are a handy way to keep the servers running. The site has crashed multiple times due to a surge of traffic, which is a great problem to have, but servers cost money to keep running.

I’m not really sure what the long term plan is for Behringer and co. on this one, seems like a very uncharacteristic move coming from a company that has been releasing nothing but honestly, very killer products for the last few years.

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