Boss PS-3 Pitch Shifter / Delay

Boss did some wild things for a little while, this is one of them.

Before we had infinite amount of pedal companies building infinite amount of pedals there was a company called BOSS that basically ran the show. They experimented, built crazy things, released them, killed them off and moved on. This is one of those weird experiments.

The BOSS PS-3 Pitch Shifter / Delay is a quirky, strange animal that – depending on your taste – may have 11 modes of amazing pitch shifted goodness or if you’re like me, be a complete one trick pony. As far as I can tell, this pedal has one setting, but oh boy is it ever a doozy. This video features entirely setting #7

What does setting 7 do? I have no idea. According to the manual it is a “Single Pitch Shifted -/+ 2 octaves inverse” whatever that means. I believe there is some kind of reverse delay going on and the pitch setting is as close to not being a pitch shift as possible. This gives that kind of strange reverb-y, wash / detune thing. So many buzzwords.

Gear Used:
– Chase Bliss Audio Brothers (Clean Boost)
– Boss PS-3 Pitch Shifter / Delay
– Ceriatone Joyful Music 50
– Universal Audio OX

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