Thorpy Camoflange Flanger

The latest release from ThorpyFX debuted with Dan & Mick on this weeks TPS.

Industry News November 23, 2019

What a way to unveil a new pedal. The latest Thorpy creation was featured in this week's That Pedal Show alongside arguably the best flangers on the planet. That's bold my friend.

We’ve been waiting for this Thorpy Flanger for a while over here and it’s awesome to finally hear it and get a release date. I’m going to be hesitant about this being official but it seems that December 1st,2019 will be the date you can pick one of these up. Only time will tell.

Update: November 27th will see the release of a That Pedal Show branded version. 50 of them going to their Patreon subscribers, and 50 available to the general public via the TPS store.

On to the features – this is a Thorpy “big box” special meaning it’s got a bunch of stuff jammed inside. The biggest being an absolutely brilliant “blend” control allowing you to add in just a touch of flange rather than having it take over your signal completely. This honestly sold me on this pedal, I love the idea so much.

Another key feature is a treble control allowing you to tame some of the kind of unruly high end that most of these pedals produce. These two features really stand out against a lot of previously released flangers.

I don’t really know what to say about this beyond how excited I am, best to just check out the video yourself. The folks at TPS knew to save the best for last so you might wanna skip forward a bit.

Photos from That Pedal Show and @thorpyFX on Instagram.

It's not out yet, but there's others.

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