Chase Bliss Audio - Generation Loss

The masters of internet teasers are at it again. New Generation Loss from Chase Bliss + Cooper Fx

Industry News October 21, 2019

It’s official!

This is a limited-edition pedal (total of 1000 units) that we only plan to offer one time. It is only available here, exclusively on This is the sound of nostalgia. Chase Bliss Audio & Cooper FX are teaming up once again to take everything you love about the original Generation Loss while making some tweaks based on customer feedback and adding the additional control Chase Bliss is known for. Generation Loss™ brings together all aspects of tape degradation and uses a combination of effects to hone in on that sound we’re all familiar with. Generation Loss refers to the decrease in sound quality and introduction of noise and sound artifacts each time a copy is made on magnetic media such as tape. Random pitch fluctuations, filters to cut down on the signal’s bandwidth, sample rate reduction, and noise are all brought together in this pedal to mimic that sound without the need for a broken VHS player

Limited to 1000 Pieces! Act Now!

Shop on using the link below and we’ll get a bit of a kickback at no cost to you. This helps us keep producing content. We appreciate it a ton!

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Gotta love this seemingly non-stop pedal release tease news that I can post on here. It’s kind of fun seeing what accounts get in on the tease. First post came from the folks @chasebliss audio.

“Sometime in the next day or so, we are doing a very unusual (for us), one-time thing.  This will be the only public social media post about it.  If you want to learn more and have an opportunity to potentially purchase this strange, limited thing, you should sign up for our newsletter immediately at … all further communications regarding this will be newsletter exclusive.”

Then, slightly less obscured (literally) post from @cooper.fx

“?good boy alert?”

Then my favorite of the bunch, a succinct post from @andyothling

#powerfulandnormal #pedalsludge


So, putting these together we see that Chase Bliss Audio will be releasing some variation on the Cooper FX “Generation Loss” which is interesting to see. I’m curious what added functionality the Chase Bliss format with dip-switches and such will bring to an already pretty feature packed pedal. More details to come. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter at for the official release details.

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