Blooper Kickstarter

Joel and co. announce a new kickstarter campaign aiming for 100k to bring Blooper campaign to completion.

Industry News September 5, 2019

Chase Bliss announced earlier today that they’ve launched a Kickstarter Campaign aiming to raise 100k to complete development and production of their “blooper” project which is some type of looper with some interesting controls. This pedal looks quite fun – it’s interesting to see a company as “big” as Chase Bliss looking to something like Kickstarter to finance a project like this. I know they’ve been very ambitious this year with the Blooper as well as Automatone announcements at NAMM. I’d be interested to see if they follow this campaign (which i’m sure will reach it’s goal within days) with one for the Automatone development. The stated goal of this campaign is to have a launch in time for Christmas 2019. Repeating that again – Blooper release December 2019.

Here’s the deets straight from the Kickstarter page:

Sounds pretty great to me! I’m excited to see this in action all over all of the trendiest instagram ambient pages. (Very self aware in these jokes folks) Again for clarity, this is pushing for a December 2019 launch date.

Check out and contribute to the campaign here if you’re so inclined.

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