Chase Bliss / Meris CXM 1978

It's official! Chase Bliss & Meris collaborate on a "1978 Studio Reverb" pedal - based on the famous Lexicon 224.

Industry News January 14, 2020

Continuing with the #NAMM2020 posts - Chase Bliss and Meris are announcing a collaboration called the CXM 1978. Official confirmation that this is a studio digital reverb has been received. This is the second release in the Chase Bliss "Automatone" series.

Everything is confirmed! Original post text below but this is a really great move from the Chase Bliss and Meris camps. The Lexicon 224 was an absolute powerhouse when it was released and the idea of re-creating this in a new breed of studio tools in the Automatone format is incredibly exciting. This is probably a bit out of my price range, but I can’t wait to see what people do with it.

Details that we know:

  • It’ll have automated faders.
  • It’ll be vintage voiced in at least some way.
  • It’s the first Stereo Chase Bliss release!
  • It’s beautiful.

Videos and demos I’m sure will be hitting the internet soon, this post will be updated as they show up.

That being said – let’s speculate wildly. This is in the automatone format and has 6 motorized sliders. In 1978 sliders were most famously used on the Lexicon 224 Digital reverb as made somewhat famous by the Talking Heads and other amazing artists. This makes sense to me as far as what Meris and CBA would put together. I believe the CXM is a play on Chase Bliss x Meris as a collab brand. Which is just the hippest thing ever. I also believe that the Mercury 7 took a lot of inspiration from the old Lexicon, does this mean this is actually what this is? Nope, but it’s fun to speculate.

The white case looks similar to the Lexicon as well. What do you think?


What's a 224 Reverb anyways?

The Lexicon 224 reverb was released in 1978 and has achieved a pretty serious cult following. At the time it was priced in the high single thousands – I believe MSRP was around $9500 which placed it only in some of the largest studios in the world. The unit also was full of limitations, it was a famously dark reverb with the output limited around the 8k range. The original units (rack mounted with a controller) are available for around $2500 now and are about as reliable as you’d expect.

If you’re looking for this exact sound the folks at Universal Audio have released a plugin based on the Lexicon 224 that emulates a ton of the most famous uses of it. This is a bit more reasonably priced, but with the new CXM pedal coming out I imagine people will want to wait on that.

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