Cooper FX - Arcades

The folks at Cooper FX have a bit of a throwback pedal for us here. The Arcades.

Industry News April 29, 2020

Years ago video games used to come on little unreliable cartridges that always failed and caused endless frustration. Now the folks at Cooper FX have brought that frustration to guitar pedal multi-fx! (I joke, I'm sure this one actually works!) Build your own multi-fx is a fun concept.

The gist behind this pedal is that you can load different blocks of modules depending on what suits your fancy. The unit ships with 4 different cartridges out of the box each with 8 different fx loaded into it. I have to imagine this will be expanded in the future.

The story behind this pedal is as interesting as the pedal itself. Some type of this has been in development over the last few years and a few interesting hiccups (including sourcing parts from Wuhan, China) the whole story is available here.

Here’s the closing of that blog post:

Anyways. That’s the story of the Arcades. Its been a real uphill battle, but I’m very proud of it and am real excited to have it out in the world. I have four cards, 32 different effects, already designed for this and available, in limited quantities, for release. I have four more cards well under way, including the ever so trendy granular stuff, reverse delays, Generation loss, and synth cards.

I hope this project can continue to grow with offerings from other companies who use this FV1 chip and are familiar with its ins and outs. Additionally, I hope to team up with some pedal influencers to release their own signature effects packages. When I first started this pedal, what excited me most was the infinite possibilities. That is still the most excited aspect of this project and I hope to be able to make this platform infinite, as I set out to do when I started dreaming of this pedal so long ago.

Enough with my silly words though, listen to Demos in the Dark make this thing sing below:

Video and stills taken from Demos in the Dark. Please subscribe to him. All his content is amazing. Seriously.

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