Fulltone OCD v1.7 vs 2.0

That Pedal Show's Dan & Mick go into detail on all that is Fulltone OCD. Mega-nerd detail episode? Yes, please.

Industry News October 20, 2019

I’m a pretty huge fan of Dan & Mick and I especially love these in-depth comparison style videos. I’ve owned a couple OCDs over the years, not sure what version # to be honest, but I’ve always loved the pedal. This didn’t really sell me on either version or make me absolutely have to run out and buy another one, but it’s an interesting comparison video.

According to Mike Fuller’s latest email blast he believes the v2 is the superior product but that may be biased coming from the guy currently producing v2 pedals and with no profit motive on the used pedal market. Either way cool video! 

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