Gibson are making real guitars again.

Gibson's 2019 model releases are a return to their original form.

Industry News May 7, 2019

It’s been a bit of a long time coming but its exciting for anyone interested in guitars to know that Gibson are going to continue being a force in the space. Over the last few years the company has been in a bit of turmoil – bankruptcy, failed models, not attending NAMM, the list goes on – but they have a new leadership team and are poised to return to their glory, at least I assume thats the goal.

One of the changes they made was bringing on Mark Agnesi from Norman’s Rare Guitars as their director of brand experience. As someone who works in advertising I can confidently tell you that I have no idea what a director of brand experience does, but it seems like Mark working for Gibson after selling countless rare and vintage Gibson guitars over the years makes perfect sense.

Joining the most iconic guitar company in the world is the opportunity of a lifetime for me,” Agnesi added. “I have been playing, finding and selling Gibson guitars all my life, and now I get to join Gibson for real.

Seems like a cool partnership and maybe Mark had something to do with the shift away from technology based work and back to the basics of building great, solid, heavy guitars for players looking for great solid, heavy guitars. Their new models are based upon just that – take what everyone loves about Gibson and start building them again.

Watch him talk through the lineup in the video below.

While I don’t own a Gibson myself, I’ve got access to a few of them and have always loved the way a Les Paul plays and sounds (bit heavy for my taste though) and I’m a huge fan of all things vintage inspired so this new direction is hugely refreshing.

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