JHS Pedals - Legends of Fuzz

The crew over at JHS pedals announced a new "Legends of Fuzz" series. Replicas of famous vintage fuzz pedals from different eras.

Industry News May 15, 2020

Josh and co. over at JHS Pedals have released a new series of 4 fuzz pedals, aptly titled "Legends of Fuzz" containing recreations of some of the most iconic and sought after (thus expensive) vintage fuzz pedals available on the market today.

This new series from JHS seems incredibly interesting and sounds pretty amazing. They’ve taken some amazing old pedals and recreated them into new modern housings with modern reliability.

At JHS Pedals, fuzz pedals have been in our lineup for over a decade. We have designed original circuits, replicated classics, and we have seen the trend of fuzz popularity come and go. The “Legends Of Fuzz” series is our tribute to the most important fuzz circuits ever made. It is our way of ensuring that the stories of these effects live on in the music that you are going to make. From the earliest days of fuzz in the mid-60’s London scene to the 1990’s ex-Soviet military factories that brought the Big Muff back to life, fuzz tells a story, and that story includes guitarists just like you. There is nothing more primitive than plugging your guitar into a vintage fuzz circuit; it is raw, untamed, and so pure that it pushes the boundaries of what your instrument can accomplish. Plug into a fuzz and plug into sixty years of beautifully broken sound. 

I’ll admit that when I saw these I assumed that they would be another set of extravagantly priced vintage reissues that are unobtainable to most. I was happily surprised, these are priced at $179 USD which, honestly is quite reasonable for this. Good on ya JHS! Buy yours today at the JHS site.

As usual the folks over at Reverb have put up a spectacular video outlining this new release. Check out what everyone’s favorite pedal demoer Andy can do with these in the video below.

Seen enough and need to get your hands on these? Check em out at jhspedals.info.

Photos from JHS Pedals

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