John Mayer Blues Jams

Nothing like John Mayer spending an evening jamming the blues on a digital modeling amp.

Industry News October 4, 2019

Mr. Mayer is pretty interesting when it comes to his social media presence. I saw his last tour and may have been the only person underwhelmed by it on the planet, but interestingly enough he posted something on IG live that is far more up my alley.

This video is gripped from Simon Nackborn on YouTube. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the ad revenue.

The playing in this is great, as to be expected – but between laughably bad backing tracks John drops some interesting commentary about the backing tracks mainly, but also a few notes about his modeling amp setup and playing the blues in general.

“The one thing it doesn’t respond to well is a change in guitar volume”

This has been one of the issues that I’ve had in the past with modeling as well, it’s easy enough for recording to dial in the tone you want with the guitar volume but the modeling amps really don’t pull that up so much

Amp modelers don’t know how to squeeze a note and send it out the right way

Another note that honestly, I think the Helix has nailed already the idea of the sag that happens with real vacuum tubes. I should probably make an article specifically covering this feature because it’s really easily overlooked within a lot of modeling options. I obviously have no issue with digital modeling amps but I choose to use a tube amp because I like the feel more and it gives me a more tactile experience in general – plus I just love the idea of it, its old technology. It’s out of date, its moody, sometimes it doesn’t work and sometimes it works incredibly. There should be some fight in everything worthwhile – amps are the same way.

Photos by Daniel

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