Maxon // Keeley OD808-40K

Another new Keeley release, this time partnered with Maxon on the classic 808.

Industry News June 27, 2019

While Maxon may not be up there with Chase Bliss on the pedal hype game they certainly release quality products and the OD808 is a classic. To celebrate their 40th Anniversary they’ve joined forces with Robert Keeley of Keeley Electronics to release an officially modded OD808. Keeley has been making these mods for years and it’s really interesting to see it kind of become an “official” version now – their product details claim its an all new mod but I’d be willing to bet it’s pretty similar to the existing ones.

The sleek and classic sounding Maxon OD808 has always been a favorite of mine. What I have always wanted to do is fully realize the mods in my head. I wanted to change several aspects at once. For this 40th anniversary edition I put everything into making it a very hot, stacked gain sounding overdrive. It is everything a classic OD808 is, just Maxed out! - Robert Keeley

Scheduled for a mid July shipment. The release is split into 2 versions with some questionable pricing structures. The main release (serial number 41-400) will be available for the somewhat reasonable price of $199.00. However, there is another option for the serial number 1-40 version which includes a toggle switch to turn off the mod, for the price of $400.00. :shrug:

Interested in the sounds? Check out the video below or purchase yours here.

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