Beetronics Royal Jelly + Count to 5

Quick jam with the Beetronics Royal Jelly over a loop from the Montreal Assembly Count to Five and an old EHX 2880.

Could have easily cut out the blatant mistake at the beginning of this but thought it was an interesting illustration – it doesn’t ruin the track and this type of improv stuff is all about rolling with it. (not that I did it so well here, oh well)

The bulk of this track is built around a loop consisting of a cleanish guitar via the Tyler JT46. This has a touch of delay on it from a DD3 as well as the Count to Five playing some arpeggiated parts reversed and randomized a bit. About half way through I kick the loop down an octave and reverse it.

On top of the loop for the first half the lead is a clean blend / fuzz tone from the Beetronics Royal Jelly which is just a fantastic pedal in every way. So many sounds in this thing.

Second half lead shifts into a somewhat clean tone run through the Old Blood Noise Endeavors running 100% reversed. I then played with the panning on that guitar track in post.

Gear Used:
– 1981 Gibson LP Custom
– Beetronics Royal Jelly
– Montreal Assembly // Count to Five
– Boss DD3
– Old Blood Noise Endeavors // Rever
– EHX // 2880 Looper
– Tyler Amps JT46
– Universal Audio // OX Amp-top-box
– Garageband

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