Meris Hedra 500 Series

The folks from Meris have crammed the Hedra into a 500 series format.

Industry News January 30, 2020

The folks over at Meris seem to have listened or realized that their Hedra may be a bit complex for a pedalboard. This new 500 series release (announced at NAMM2020) takes the feature packed Hedra and places it into a more studio desktop favorable 500 series format.

I own the pedalboard release version of the Hedra, it’s an amazing pedal. The only issue I’ve had with it is that the settings are so exact and there are so many options that I find myself hunched over the pedalboard far too often. It’s one of the few pedals that I own that have never been graced with velcro of any kind. It tends to live on my recording desk more than my pedalboard (in fact it’s now wired in as a piece of outboard gear rather than living inline).

The folks at Meris have caught onto this trend and are releasing the Hedra in the 500 series format to join the rest of their 500 series releases. No release date as of yet, but the folks over at Vintage King have it listed on their site already at a $549.00 price point.

For a touch on what the Hedra sounds like, the video below has it on the Monologue providing some beautiful stereo textures.

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