MXR Clone Looper

New small form factor looper with some interesting capabilities

Industry News September 5, 2019

MXR have announced a new little looper that immediately caught my eye not really because of its functionality or anything groundbreaking but because they specifically call out it’s ability to take a very hot signal without distorting.

One of the biggest issues ive run into with all of the previous loop pedals that I’ve used was that when you drive a hot fuzz into the looper the A/D conversion clips and that is usually a very unpleasant type of clipping which ends up defeating the purpose of driving a tube amp since you end up driving it with this gross clipped signal.

This new release at $149 sounds like a really great solution to that, and would let me run my existing looper at the start of the chain, and then this at the end! What a magical time we live in!

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All photos taken from Jim Dunlop site. Hope this is cool guys. 

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