Electroharmonix - Tri Parallel Mixer

A magic box allowing you to mix and blend 3 different effects / channels / instruments at the same time.

Industry News July 2, 2019

Continuing on with releasing nothing but interesting and awesome tools and pedals constantly forever – Electroharmonix have just released another great tool pedal the Tri Parallel Mixer which is a cool little utility box that allows you to blend effects pedals in parallel instead of in series.

What does parallel vs. series mean? Connecting your effects pedals on your board one after another is a series connection. The output of the first pedal goes into the second etc etc. When you run something in parallel the input signal (probably your guitar) will be routed into any or all 3 of these loops and then those 3 signals will be blended back together. This means that you can stack say 3 big muff pedals (demo video below from EHX, love them) at the same time – this is very much different than running 3 big muff pedals in series which would basically be completely unusable noise. By doing it in parallel you can blend the tonal characteristics of the pedals together without having them interfere with each other. Super interesting concept.

Enough words right? How does this thing actually work. The demo video from EHX below does a great job of showing the pedal in a bunch of pretty interesting scenarios. Check it out! I’ll probably be purchasing one of these soon and will show some more ambient / soundscapey demo stuff.

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