Keeley Electronics - Synth-1

Robert Keeley releases some new color variants of his awesome Synth-1 pedal.

Industry News May 9, 2019

The man himself, Mr. Robert Keeley is at it again. A few years ago he started to consolidate his production facilities so that he wasn’t relying on suppliers, this allowed Keeley Elecronics to push out a staggering amount of variations and custom shops / one off releases. This trend continues with the latest Custom Shop releases of the Synth 1. What exactly does the pedal do? Let’s see what they have to say:

The Synth-1 allows you to create fuzzed-out synth waves! Use the Filter and Blend controls to mix your guitar with the fuzz from the synth. Go from churning slow-gear reverse swells to sounding like a light saber.

Sure! That sounds cool. Check out the new custom shop releases over at the Keeley Electronics site. Available now for $179. Or enjoy this video of Rabea Massaad crushing it as usual below.

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