Hi! My name is Olav and I am a pedal addict. The list of guitar pedals I have bought and sold is endless still growing. I literally did start a list some time ago. It is updated quite frequently. What has been marked sold on that list would probably make some people cry.

My Pedal Origin Story

Christmas 2014, my wife bought me a cheap Affinity Squier Strat. It came with a little amp and I was hooked immediately. I learned a few chords, and that was fun, but I quickly realized that this little amp couldn’t produce that hair raising sound that my old band mate, Bjørn could on his guitar. WTF? The obvious difference, was not that he had played guitar for many many years or the fact that he played a beautiful vintage tele through an AC30. It was, of course, that he had a pedal board. DUUUUH! And, so I bought my very first guitar pedal, some distortion pedal! From there, it just went full on bonkers! If you go waaaaaaay back in my Instagram feed you can probably find a post about it!

All was great – Every time something magically appeared on my board which often prompted a stern side look from my enabler wife, I was able to just say “Well YOU started this!” And that was the end of that discussion!

It became an obsession. A quest for that sound I had in my head. What I bought next was kind of a blur and it escalated into having a need for an actual board and proper power supply and and and….

At some point, I started selling pedals to get others. I implemented a rule that sounded great at the time but in hindsight, I probably could have made smarter choices. The rule was that if there was no room on the board, I could not buy it! (I think, at the time, I actually wrote out an equation of sorts!) This meant that I had to ditch pedals to get others! Back then, I had a smaller Gator board that came with a power supply. What eventually happened, what was inevitable, was that I simply changed the board! SMART! I pretty much outwitted my own self imposed rule!

Do you remember that scene from Jurassic park when that fearless big game hunter gets out-maneuvered by a pack of velociraptors? “Clever girl!” he whispers before he gets eaten! That was me whispering to myself! It was an elegant solution! These days I have a pedal train pro which is quite big and it is packed to capacity. The rule still applies and, so far, it has not been broken once! (I think!)

The ins and outs of Pedals

I buy pedals that are interesting to me and sometimes I sell them again quickly for various reasons I don’t need to get into for the purposes of this post. Pedals are highly subjective. What works for you might not work for me and vice versa!

How do I do it? How do I let go? Well, first of all, very early on, I learned not to ever say “I will never sell this!” In other words, I try not to be emotionally attached to an object. This seems logical and obvious but let’s not forget that some of these pedals have inspired me deeply and it is hard not to somehow equate that emotion to a particular little box. They absolutely spark joy sometimes and that is perfectly okay. Most of the times though, my strategic thinking wins and once I made the decision, that’s it. It’s gone!

There are exceptions though. My mtl.asm Count To 5 and my DroloFX Stammen V3, for instance, are both pedals I always come back to and they keep surprising me. They hold a seemingly endless supply of inspiration.

With the Count To 5, Scott (Monk) created an incredibly deep pedal. It is really difficult to categorize it. To me, it is a looper / delay / pitch delay and so much more! It features 3 recording heads that can playback forwards and backwards individually. It has an element of randomness that I have not heard in anything else out there so far. Count To 5 is definitely at the top of my 3 desert island pedals.

The DroloFX Stammen V3 is my go to glitch, pitch, swell box! I am not surprised at all that David collaborated on the Chase Bliss Mood! He’s an absolute genius, I am very fortunate to be a featured artist for Drolo. David (Rolo) is an amazing human and plays a mean guitar too! He actually plays on one of the tracks on my album “All Good Things”! I had a V2 before and that was great but when David announced the V3, I asked if he could make me a pink one and he did!

This journey will, most likely, only end when I croak. Until then, I am pretty happy with where I am at. I have a decent collection and even more amazing stuff coming.

In the near future, you’ll see a Simplifier, a Blooper and most definitely an Automatone on my board. What gets axed is still being decided. The struggle is real! By the way, I still own that first Squier Affinity Strat. I modded the hell out of it, but I still have it!

For samples of what I do with all these pedals, listen to Instantiate – A full length album comprised of the audio of some of the video clips I posted on Instagram. I am currently compiling audio for the next release!

About the Author

Olav is a Brooklyn, NY based pedal enthusiast. He is an active Instagram contributor (smash that follow button) and produces music under the name DVR and occasionally releases it online and on vinyl. https://dvrmusic.bandcamp.com

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