Paul Cochrane Timmy V3 - 15th Anniversary

Paul C has been posting on TheGearPage and these are the details.

Industry News June 28, 2019

Paul Cochrane is one of the most interesting pedal builders out there in my opinion. He doesn't have a website. Doesn't post on social media. Participates not at all in any type of press or hype building activities. He produces 1 pedal and hasn't changed the design in 10 years.

The history of the Timmy is something close to as follows – it’s the early 2000’s, Disturbed is probably playing on the radio but not some cover song, an actual terrible metal song, and Paul Cochrane is in his garage building an overdrive pedal inside a rather large enclosure. This will become the “Tim” and thanks to a few posts on the internet some orders are placed. From these orders came complaints – because the internet was as awful back then as it is today – and this causes Paul to rethink his design and he elects to release a more pedalboard friendly, smaller version of the “Tim” he calls this “Timmy”.

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Note: Paul C shot me a note about this article. I just replaced the above image after he let me know that any Timmy that you come across with the LED between the bass and gain controls is a forgery produced out of china 🙁 What a bummer. Keep your eye out and report these when you spot em! 

It looks something like the above and features a nice transparent drive with a great blend between the dirt and your clean tone. This was one of the first “transparent” drives before it became the most hyped term in pedal building. This pedal also features knobs that function as cuts and so are backwards in most peoples mind. Oh well, it sold pretty well and eventually someone asked for a switch on it.

From here it generally looked just like this and always functioned exactly the same. There’s a lot of color variations (I owned a seafoam green one!) that are released for a lot of retailers but they all are basically the same. Few different chipsets (based on availability) but the circuit remained unchanged.

Fast forward to today and over the last few months Paul has been posting on The Gear Page a bit about the availability of v2 Timmy’s and hinting at a new release.

After a few months of hinting we have a somewhat confirmed release of July / August for the Timmy v3.0

What does this v3 entail exactly? Well – I don’t know. I haven’t played one. Paul has posted that he’s been sending them out to people for testing for quite some time but he hasn’t sent one to me so I can’t tell you exactly what the changes are but here’s some words from Humbucker Music who is accepting preorders now.

1) The external switch is now a gain boost, offering far more gain range than any previous version of Paul’s pedals.

2) The amount of overdrive from the Gain pot has actually been reduced so that it works much better with BOTH positions of the Gain Boost switch. It’s now easier to dial in precisely where you want the breakup level to be.

3) Non-reversed Bass & Treble pots. The non-reversed pots addresses those that wished for a more intuitive and conventional knob function. No more turning the bass and treble knobs up to reduce the frequencies.

4) The 1458 opamp is back! How is it different than the standard 4559? Paul feels it’s a tiny (and he does mean TINY) bit less harsh on the top end and a bit less saturated. Still, you have to “squint your ears” to hear it, as Paul says.

5) The symmetrical/asymmetrical clipping switch has been moved to an internal dip switch, which is the previous top and middle position of the switch.

Sounds great to me! If you poke around The Gear Page you’ll be able to find a lot more information about this new release as well.

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