Been lusting over this pedal for a few months and finally got a chance to pick one up. From the moment this was announced I had multiple people messaging me saying “look – ehx made a pedal specifically for you” which I’d be inclined to believe – if I were to design a pedal it would probably be this. I absolutely love this type of effect and use it quite a lot in basically everything I do. This tidy little package with a ton of features helps that become even more accessible.


The basic summary of the pedal is that its taking your signal and modulating the attack and the decay, so how long it takes the note to swell in and then also how long it sustains for. This is done using magic (ehx please confirm) or more likely some type of compression. The end result lets you create anything from dramatic swelling volume effects to reverse tape sounds even to a pretty solid banjo simulator.

Here’s a quick track I put together while learning how the pedal reacts.

I’ll be posting a bunch more about this pedal in the future including a detailed review with every setting, but until then enjoy this (rather insanely edited) video showcasing its capabilities from the folks at EHX.

Interested in picking one of these up? Grab it from Amazon and help us out a bit at no cost to you!

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