Chase Bliss Audio - Dark World

Dark World + Brothers + Timeline = Love.

It may be near death freezing temperature outside but the sun coming into this corner of the room is pretty great. Quick little sketch of the first thing I played when I picked up the Narrowfield PRS this morning. Main arpeggio line is the Chase Bliss Dark World on the “shimmer” setting with a touch of plate reverb from the OX. The lead melody is Brothers with the same plate reverb and dual delay from the OX. Extra little melody overdub at the end is the timeline set 100% wet on the reverb delay engine because I can’t get enough of the enjoyment I find from the unexpected results from reversing my playing with 100% wet.

Gear used:
– Chase Bliss Audio Brothers & Dark World
– Strymon Engineering Timeline
– Paul Reed Smith Swamp Ash Special w/ Narrowfield Pickups.
– Universal Audio OX
– Ceriatone Joyful Music 50

About the Author

Chris plays guitar sometimes and writes and takes photographs other times. He enjoys the technical side of music and the technical side of music gear. MIDI presets and complicated switching systems abound. He runs @filthandechoes on social media and built this website.

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