Korg Monologue with Roland TR-08

Quick sketch playing around with the Korg Monologue + Roland TR-08

Playing around with a couple electronic toys in a somewhat ambient setting. Been playing with the idea of drum machines being used outside of their comfort zone. I think this TR-08 is a really interesting piece of gear and I’m excited to build on this idea and see how I can craft more structured songs using the limitations / strengths of this type of box.

Gear Used:
– Korg Monologue
– Roland TR-08
– Partscaster (w/Cool Rails in bridge + Little 59 in Neck)
– EHX – Soul Food
– Old Blood Noise Endeavors – Rever
– Montreal Assembly – Count to Five
– Danelectro – Reel Echo
– Ceriatone Joyful Music 50
– Universal Audio – OX Amp Top Box

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