Reverb aquired by Etsy

Largest musician's marketplace to be acquired by Etsy.

Industry News July 22, 2019

Kind of interesting news for the biggest guitar / pedal marketplace on the internet. Reverb announced today that they have been acquired by Etsy. This actually makes a lot of sense from the mindset of attempting to grow their business. Reverb has exploded in popularity in the last few years and has basically become the go-to for online instrument sales and purchases – moving under the Etsy umbrella will let them take a lot of learnings from a huge international company and apply them to grow their business.

A letter from the Reverb CEO / Founder David Kalt outlined that this decision wasn’t quickly made or in any type of takeover situation they’ve been working together for a while and it finally made sense to move into an official partnership / joint venture.

"We’ve had a friendly relationship with Etsy for a number of years and after many candid discussions in recent months, it became clear: There’s no other company that we could trust to support and enhance the Reverb marketplace."

Kalt’s goes on to explain that he will be stepping down as CEO but will remain the biggest fan of Reverb and I’m sure continue to use their service. It make sense for the original CEO to step down during a process like this and I’m sure he’s happy to take a back seat and enjoy the ride from here on out. Read the full article.

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