I got back to my desk at work today after traveling and there was a small black box on it. It’s a good sign that you work with great people when guitar pedals are left on your desk without any note or explanation.

Let’s see if I can explain what this thing does exactly. According to the Keeley Electronics websites it is a reverse attack fuzz wave generator which as far as I can tell means that it’s a waveform generator with an attack control that probably has some type of fuzz circuit in it. From a more normal person point of view – it makes your guitar sound not like a guitar.

The controls on this are pretty simple and it has 3 types of wave forms available. I have no idea what these are to be completely honest, I didn’t actually read any type of manual for this, but i’ll just wager some wild guesses because it doesn’t really matter what they are! The modes are (I’m assuming) square, saw and sine? This is interesting because its 3 different sounds, but as the sound samples here will attest – there’s just so much inside this pedal that the controls have massive effect on everything.

The filter control on this pedal is so unbelievably powerful that it really makes the 3 modes so dense and variable that you could easily pull dozens of sounds out of each of them. This combined with the blend control as well as the attack envelope option make this pedal just full of sounds.

I’m going to stop trying to explain this with words and just let the audio do it for me. Here’s a bunch of sounds pulled in no real order.

Degrading Chords

This has the SYNTH1 providing a weird low level breakup under the clean guitar sound which is running into the Montreal Assembly – Count to Five. This is a sound I’d use all the time and is pretty typical for this site.

Octave Fuzz / Grit

I’m not entirely sure what the settings are on this but I know its an octave setting with the blend set at around 30% wet running into a Beetronics Royal Jelly / Hudson Broadcast. This sounds just stupidly massive.


This pedal can also sound like a television show that I may or may not have watched for a thousand hours.

Funky Harmony

This isn’t really how I usually play, but the pedal sounds great with this kind of 70’s octave style blend. I have no idea how I made this on the pedal, but it sounds cool to me!

Prog Synth

This sounds like the start of a 70s prog rock epic to me. This is definitely the blend set to 100% wet. The way this kind of glitches out and breaks as it runs through the delay chain (Count to Five and a DD3) is really interesting to me.

This thing is so fun. The fact that so many of these sounds come right out of the pedal so quickly is a real testament to the amount of work the guys and girls at Keeley put into this thing – it’s very easy to make these type of pedals with a ton of completely unusable noises within them but I honestly feel like this has just a ton of great usable sounds that are surprisingly accessible.

Feel the need for spaceship sounds?

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