Earthquaker Devices - Show Us Your Junk Ep.24

Show Us Your Junk: Josh Hamilton? I'll admit I didn't know who this was, but whatever.

Industry News May 7, 2019

I’ll admit it – I have no idea who Josh Hamilton is but that’s ok. He’s into really awesome stuff and seems to have lived a pretty cool life. This type of content is just so interesting to me from all angles, I love the gear side of it – obviously, but also just the process of creating things is so inspiring. I think it’s a testament to the age we live in that you can find so much inspiration everywhere you look – maybe it’s a bad thing for actually getting down to work and creating something yourself – but hopefully you guys enjoy this as much as I did.

Enjoy the video below.

Follow EarthQuakerDevices on Youtube for more of this type of thing. There’s really an endless amount of content out here. I’m going to try to focus on only the stuff I really love here but man – it’s hard to pair this down.

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