ThePedalZone interviews Andy Othling

Stefan from The Pedal Zone interviews Andy Othling at NAMM2020

Stefan Fast (a prolific ambient player himself) sits down with Andy Othling (the most prolific ambient player?) and talks about building ambient soundscapes. This is pretty inside-baseball content but this is a great, interesting conversation on tape.

These two dudes, who I happen to absolutely love and am constantly inspired by, happened to sit down for 20 minutes at NAMM and talk about exactly how they (mainly Andy) build ambient sounds. Andy talks about reverb placement specifically and how he uses a late chain (end of the chain, after time distortion etc) reverb as a more traditional reverb effect and then also a pure wet – meaning zero clean signal at the beginning of the chain as a way to remove the need for a volume pedal for removing attack from his playing.

While summarizing this entire video and pretending my thoughts matter on this topic is very tantalizing for me, I will save you all the time and leave this at that. Watch the video and then go subscribe to The Pedal Zone and Andy Othling on Youtube.

Note: I think I need to buy this DBA Filter now.

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