Strymon Iridium Amp & IR Cab

New Strymon release! The Iridium Amp & IR Cab emulator. Go ampless at a decent price!

Industry News October 23, 2019

Today marks another release from the awesome folks over at Strymon Engineering. They jumped into the growing popularity of ampless rigs with a new amp / speaker simulator. Still waiting on all of the details and the official release (will update this article later today) but from what has been leaked so far this new little box will feature 3 amp models as well as 9 different cabinet simulations.

This seems to be a direct competitor to the CabZeus as well as the soon to be released DMS & Humboldt Simplifier Amp.

Details from the source:

Iridium gives you three iconic amplifiers created using our Matrix Modeling™ process, capturing all the subtleties and unique tonal qualities of each amplifier. Iridium’s speaker cabinets offer a level of realism and responsiveness unprecedented in outboard effects, delivering stereo 24bit 96kHz resolution for a full 500 milliseconds. Iridium comes pre-loaded with a carefully curated collection of premium cabinet IRs, and you can easily load your own.

You also get Iridium’s hybrid room reverb, which places your amp and cab in a natural sounding room. With Iridium, it’s a snap to dial in a direct tone that will truly inspire and sound great whether you are monitoring through in-ears, floor wedges, reference monitors, PA speakers, or studio headphones.

Find out more at now or see what Vintage King has to say about it below:

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