Strymon Timeline + Empress Reverb

Sometimes combining two category leading pedals ends up sounding good. Who knew?

This is a combination of the Strymon Timeline using the “Reverse” delay model and the Empress Reverb using the “Delay + Reverb” setting. These two pedals together are basically an infinite amount of possibilities – combined with a MIDI controller they are even more powerful. I understand how people don’t dig on the big box stuff because it really does take some getting used to and programming etc etc but once you get past that they are really amazing pieces of engineering.

Strymon Timeline

The Timeline here is set to the “Reverse” delay model with pretty long delay time, mixed around 40% of the dry volume. This gives a really interesting swirling bed under the chords in the loop as well as adding all kinds of overtones to the melody line. I love this type of delay setting because it gives so much extra texture when you’re playing something that doesn’t change key or anything drastic.

Empress Reverb

Big box reverb. Amazing. I picked this over the BigSky from Strymon only because of the style of music I enjoy. I feel this does the ambient wall of sound stuff a little better than the Strymon – which focuses on a lot of more traditional reverb sounds.  In this video this pedal is set to the “Delay + Reverb” setting with the delay rather prominent with short delay time and lots of echos.

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