That Pedal Show - OX Updates SPecial

Dan & Mick released another episode around the Universal Audio Ox! Hooray!

It doesn't take much searching to find references to the amazing Universal Audio OX Amp-top-box on this site. I use it on every single recording, every post on Instagram, every demo. It's completely changed the way I look at recording and modeling in general.

The guys over at That Pedal Show occasionally release episodes that I feel like are specifically for me. This came out a couple weeks ago and I meant to post something about it but totally forgot! Universal Audio pushed an update to the OX box late last year and I was super quick to jump on updating the firmware, they added a few new 4×12 cabinet models (Vintage 30 speakers!), as well as a rather interesting Dumble, inspired cabinet. I won’t ruin the fun on that one but they go into details on it within this video.

The fact that UA is pushing updates to this product makes the investment a bit more justifiable in my opinion, it’s an expensive piece of kit (I sold an amp to finance it) but has really opened up a lot for me when it comes to recording and the ability to play music when others might not want to hear it.

Need it?

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