Tyler Amps JT46

New to me Tyler JT46 - expect a ton of sounds from this guy in the future.

New Amp Day! I traded my Ceriatone JM50 away – was looking for something with a bit more of the ‘pushed’ sound. The Ceriatone was an amazing amp and I’m already looking and picking up another amp from them (Hiwatt anyone?) but the JM was really a bit more dry than I was looking for. This Tyler came up as a trade offer and seemed like a fun change!

It’s a 50 watt JTM style Marshall clone with a few extra features – both channels are linked internally so no 4 input jumper is required. It also features a master volume and an fx loop. Both of which come in really handy for dialing in different tones.

I haven’t had an amp that takes dirt pedals this well in a long time and it’s really great to be able to swap in and out a few pedals and drastically change the sound without any real unpleasant results.


Gear Used:
– PRS Swamp Ash Special w/Narrowfields
– Meris Hedra (delays)
– OBNE Rever (Reverb)
– Tyler Amps JT46
– Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box
– Garageband

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