Danelectro Reel Echo

Enormous delay pedal with one very cool trick up it's sleeve.

This is a pretty fun little pedal. Built I believe around the early 2000’s? (Someone correct me on this) the pedal does a fine tape replication and a decent delay and has a sound on sound function but I don’t care about any of that. The reason I bought this pedal is because it does really insane glitchy stuff by having the delay time able to be shifted without changing the pitch. Every other pedal reacts in a way that when you twiddle the knobs the pitch changes and lots of people love that (In fact: the DOD Rubberneck does an amazing job of it, and so does the Boss PS-3). However, this one doesn’t do that – and lots of people love that!

So what exactly do I love about this pedal? This – this audio example shows how a simple chord can be blown apart into this really wild, really noisy mess of glitchy goodness. This has been used to great effect by a fellow named Mike Einzinger in a band called Incubus as well (Check out the guitar solo in Pistola, it gets wild). The way that it refactors the delay rather than changing the pitch creates this really weird stuttery thing that a bunch of people have complained about online in reviews but to me it’s literally the only thing that makes this interesting in any way.

Sound / Overall

Is this a great tape simulator pedal? Not really. Does it sound good enough? Yep. Is it very useable? No, the lights are ridiculous and the buttons are hard to press. However, if you’re looking for an interesting trick that can take up a ton of space on a pedalboard – boy are you ever in for a treat!

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Chris plays guitar sometimes and writes and takes photographs other times. He enjoys the technical side of music and the technical side of music gear. MIDI presets and complicated switching systems abound. He runs @filthandechoes on social media and built this website.

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