DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay

Analog goodness at an affordable price

The original MSRP on this pedal was somewhere around the $250 range. This is probably a fair price – analog delay with tap tempo and a few really unique functions. That seems fair.

However, this somehow has been discounted into the $150 range, which for comparison is right around the Boss DD7 or MXR Carbon Copy. Compared to those two pedals this is an absolute steal.

The video contains a couple functions, the first kind of glitchy octave feature is using the rubberneck function on the left footswitch and then the ramping of the regen / feedback is holding the right footswitch – both very cool sounds – both very unique and fun features.

Gear Used:
– DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay
– Empress Reverb
– Ceriatone Joyful Music 50
– Universal Audio OX

Interested in getting your own?

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