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The much hyped Wampler Multi-Modulation machine is available now!

Industry News November 13, 2019

Brian Wampler is pretty much a household name when it comes to guitar effects pedals. He actually wrote the book on pedal modding when people still wrote books instead of just making blog posts.

The product lineup from Wampler is super varied and contains a ton of different tonal options, mostly playing around within the distortion / fuzz space. It’s very interesting to see their new release being a DSP platform based multi-modulation effect. The basic idea behind this is that you can run any number of modulation effects with some interesting signal pathing options including being able to route the pedal twice in a single chain (More on this here).

The hype train seems to be gearing up around this one and I’d assume a release date may show up in time for Black Friday but nothing is confirmed quite yet. For more information on this check out this awesome interview at guitar.com as well as the Wampler Pedals homepage.

Photo from @wamplerpedals on Instagram.

Edit: Suprise! It was released on Nov 14th (I think?)

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Interesting note here: The knob labels have changed since this video was made.  Still shows some awesome functionality already 10 months ago though.

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