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Empress extends the ZOIA for all your modular synth needs

Industry News January 14, 2020

The Empress ZOIA is one of the most interesting pedals ever released. It's a modular synth built into a pedal form factor. Insanely versatile and can be used as a midi controller to extend it even further. At NAMM this year Empress has announced that they've extended it into a EuroRack form factor and added in some cool CV in and out for use within a modular synth setup.

The ZOIA can do some really insane things on its own and it makes perfect sense that the folks over at Empress would extend this into the modular synth realm. I could easily see this becoming a centerpoint for someone’s EuroRack setup with so many patches, functionalities and features. It’s such an amazing piece of gear by itself, its hard to really even imagine what it could do combined into some of the more expansive Eurorack setups out there.

What exactly is ZOIA? Straight from Empress:

The ZOIA is basically a modular synthesizer in pedal form. Instead of being a delay effect or tremolo, the ZOIA provides the modules necessary to build a delay or tremolo from the ground up. But since you’re the one building it, you can make it do whatever you want. With the ZOIA you can build your own custom effects, synthesizers, midi controllers, and virtual pedal boards. And to make life a little easier, we’ve created modules for all your standard guitar effects. So for instance, if you want a phaser, you can just plop down a phaser. You don’t have to break out the textbooks to learn that they’re built out of all-pass filters. (Of course, if you’re a nerd like us, you can use the ZOIA to build them out of all-pass filters).

Empress released this little teaser video that covers off on some of the new functionality.

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